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Agile Partner's DNA

Agile software development is a group of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

Thanks to its unique combination of technical expertise and experience with agile methods.

Agile Partner is your partner of choice for optimizing the development of your custom IT applications and thus coping with today’s business challenges.

Agile Partner was created in 2004 to provide innovative IT services to the Luxembourg and Greater Region market. It has built its service offering from the belief that in a constantly changing market, only an agile approach can provide meaningful results to companies for which their information system is a strategic asset.

Agile Partner has achieved its successful growth by adopting the values of the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development” and by putting in practice in a pragmatic way the core principles of customer collaboration, continuous contextual adaptation and appreciation of individuals’ diversity.

Agile Partner team, which is currently composed of 40 people, is encouraging collaboration and personal development of skilled professionals, as well as knowledge and know-how sharing, for achieving the best solution adapted to the customer’s context and needs.

Architect of agile information systems

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Meet the team

Sylvain Chery


Pascal Claus


Angelo Pacifico

Partner – Technical Director

Franck Chalaux


Annabelle Buffart

Marketing & Communication

... and passionate & experienced people

Frédéric BALIN / Jordan BELLENGER / Florent BENNANI / Maxence BONHOMME / Brice BORTOLET / Michaël BRAUN / Annabelle BUFFART / Cyril CONTER / Ales DANEU / Laurent DANIELS / Luciano DELUCCHI / Laurent FAVRE / Eric FERROT / Valérie GAUCHÉ / Pierre-Antoine GREGOIRE / Philippe GUETAULT / Damien HICK / Christian JOLAS / Stéphane JOYEUX  / David KERN / Hassen KHAIL / Grégory KIEFFER / Yves KOMGUEP / Yannik LAMBERT / Arnaud LAMOULER-BONAVENTURE / Jean-Pol LANDRAIN / Yannic LANGLOIS / Mohammed MESSAOUDI / Bernard MULLER / Adrien MULLER / Grégory NGUYEN / Véronique OLIVE / Cédric PONTET / Nikola RATKOVIC / Jérôme RECHT / Olivier ROBERT / François ROULLIER / Jérémy ROUSSET / Nicolas RYNKIEWICZ / Catalin SAMARGHITAN / Loïc SCHMITZ / Nicholas SOLBREUX / Cédric TAMAVOND / Yoan THIRION / 


Together we have

31 CSM / 13 Microsoft Certification / 5 CSPO / 5 ITIL / 4 Prince2


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... to reach higher productivity and quality standards.


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