People isthe most critical success factorfor your projects!

IT solutions design and software development in particular are highly creative activities. Hence nurturing the skills and know-how of your team is an essential prerequisite for achieving your projects' objectives.
That is why we support our customers in the Greater Region with a complete range of knowledge transfer services that include:

  • full-day classroom training courses and certifications (ex: Certified ScrumMaster)
  • awareness sessions
  • hands-on workshops
  • on-the-job coaching

Note: Agile Partner is a registered training provider in Luxembourg (n°103624 / B) and as such some of our services, for instance training courses, workshops and coaching sessions related to management, software engineering or other professional techniques, are eligible to the continuous vocational training co-funding program by the Luxembourg State (up to 20% of the investment).


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Certification Scrum Master (français) (1400 € H.T.)

Cette formation prépare tous les membres d'une équipe Scrum à travailler dans un environnement de développement logiciel efficace et fortement collaboratif.
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Certification Scrum Product Owner (français) (1435 € H.T.)

La formation « Certification Scrum Product Owner » est destinée à tout responsable de projet et de produit souhaitant évoluer vers une méthodologie Scrum et au manager recherchant des solutions pragmatiques à des problèmes organisationnels.

Certified Scrum Master (1395 € H.T.)

In this two-day course, you will apply the Scrum framework to build a new product.

Coding Dojo (250€ H.T.)

Welcome to the dojo! If you want to code like a ninja you have to practice your katas!

Quality code (178.54€ H.T.)

Sharpen your coding & testing skills to boost your team and make a difference

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