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Agile Partner, 15 years of agile growth

By Sylvain Chery, Co-founder and Director at Agile Partner.

Bureau Agile Partner Bertrange

Agile Partner celebrates its 15 years anniversary around its key values: to collaborate and innovate thanks to an agile strategy.

In 2004, the 5 co-founders of Agile Partner embark on the adventure by offering their development aid software, adopting the values ​​of the recent "Agile Manifesto" (2001). Continually growing thanks to its various partnerships, its strong skills and its field experience, Agile Partner extends its range of services to support companies to improve their working methods. The company now has 55 employees and has collaborated on the development of more than 200 software applications.

Nominated as Best Workplace Luxembourg 2019 (Medium Companies), Agile Partner favours diversity and a respectful environment where everyone is heard and encouraged to develop their skills independently, communicating and collaborating with the different teams. Sylvain Chéry, founder, looks back on Agile Partner's 15 years in three issues.

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What are the big dates that marked the 15 years of Agile Partner?

  • 2007: we left our small apartment in Dippach to move into real offices in Bertrange. That year, we also took the opportunity to organize our first ever end-of-year meal and celebrate our official entry into the Luxembourg IT sector and our commitment to the emergence of the Luxembourg Agile community.
  • 2016: we organized our 1st corporate retrospective. We decided for the first time to involve all our employees in the continuous improvement work of the company. As a founder, I remember being marked by a strong sense of team spirit and commitment.
  • 2018: the company suffered a defeat, significant since it was followed by some team members leaving. It was not easy at the moment, but this failure allows us to remember that nothing is granted. Our first nomination as Best Workplace Luxembourg is a strong encouragement to continue our efforts
  • 2019: the first quarter of this year was very emotional for all of us, with the birth of our first 100% Agile Partner baby and the shocking loss of one of our collaborators taken away by cancer. We also received the Best Workplace Luxembourg 2019 (Medium Companies) award and we have even been recognized as one of the best companies to work in Europe (Europe's Best Workplaces). I'm very proud of it for the whole team!
Intérieur bureau Agile Partner Bertrange

What are the key elements of your development?

The trust of our customers of course, that we have I think thanks to our good relationship with them, our transparency and undeniable quality of work. Our partnerships are also an important development factor. They allow us to assert our presence, our culture and our know-how on the Luxembourgish and frontier market (Telindus, Excellium, Management 3.0, etc.). The tools we use and those we create, as well as our certifications (Microsoft, AWS ...) are useful for us as growth levers, obviously.

Finally, and most importantly, the key elements of our development are our collaborators, which are full of ambition and motivation for our business project. They are continually trained on cutting-edge topics, enrich themselves greatly by reading, attending conferences (Olivier and Cédric at ReInvent (Las Vegas), Adrien and Yoan at Craft Conf (Budapest), Mathieu and Yannik at FlowCon ( Paris), etc. This allows us to stay up-to-date on all topics in our field and qualify us as experts.

Collaborateurs Agile Partner

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

In the short term, we need to consolidate our business, strengthen our great team to reach a critical size in the local market, and cultivate the relationships of trust we have with our customers.

In the longer term, I think we need to have the ambition to have a positive impact on greatest numbers, in a Greater Region and beyond. Indeed, today software is everywhere in our lives ("software is eating the world") and I think that Agile Partner can help even more businesses grow through the combined potential of their people and technologies to be creative, quickly experiment with ideas, reduce waste, adapt and ultimately create more value.

I think that we can also help many developers (there are nearly 24 million worldwide, including about 30% in Europe *) to find in their companies a stimulating work environment that allows them to flourish and unleash their potentials.

The growing size of this sector, and its huge impact on our entire society, give us a real responsibility! We too must innovate and imagine new service offerings that will allow us to reach an ever wider audience!

*Source : Evans Data

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