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agile and innovative

In addition to having experience in the field, our agile trainers and coaches have the technical and human skills to help people and companies progress at all levels: products, techniques, teams, management, organisation.

We support your digital transformation to energize your company, improve your project management while creating a motivating environment to retain your best talents.


We train your developers, engineers, project managers and managers in Agile values, principles and practices. Our trainings cover a wide range of topics, from Software Engineering to Management 3.0, including Scrum, Kanban, Event Storming, SAFe, Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Gaming.

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Nous formons vos développeurs, ingénieurs, gestionnaires de projets et managers aux valeurs, principes et pratiques Agiles. Nos formations couvrent une large gamme de thèmes, depuis l’ingénierie logicielle jusqu’au Management 3.0 en passant par Scrum, Kanban, Event Storming, SAFe, Lean Stratup, le Design Thinking et la Gamification.

Coaching of
your teams

We coach teams throughout their journey to Agile maturity. Our agile coaches have the technical and human skills to help them progress to a high level of performance more quickly and safely. We also provide the people you need until you are autonomous, including facilitators, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, UX experts, and Project Managers. Our consultants are experienced and pragmatic.

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your organisation

We help management teams create a supportive environment and develop leadership skills to make their organisations more agile and efficient. Our systemic approach facilitates the cultural change needed to move beyond the control model that slows decision-making, discourages collaboration and demotivates employees.

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They trust us:


« For our mobile application project at CapitalAtWork, we needed a clear project vision shared by and for all project stakeholders. With Agile Partner, we were able to bring out the major functionalities of the application that were of value to the customer. Thanks to a well-defined roadmap and tools such as story mapping, each internal collaborator as well as external stakeholders linked to the project were able to collaborate effectively.  We learned how to work in Agile mode, iteratively and thus deliver the project on time. »


Product Owner @ CapitalatWork Foyer Group

« This training was very instructive for me on the role of the Scrum Master in a team: facilitating, coaching, removing obstacles to allow the team to move forward. The practical part allowed me to highlight the benefits of this function in a team. A very good basis to start agility. »


Scrum Master @ Foyer (about Scrum Master Training)

« I came to this training with a short experience on an AGILE project with the SCRUM framework and I didn't think I would learn so much. I rediscovered the fundamentals of this framework and noticed once again that it is not a closed concept, that everyone can participate in Agility and put his personal touch to it. Another asset, this training has the advantage of offering you a journey that you would probably never make in your life! »

Michael TONUS,

Developer @ Foyer (about Scrum Master Training)

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