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Our Agile

We train people on the Agile values, principles and concrete practices, which we adapt to your context. All of our training are built as a mix of theory and practice. You will experience “learning by doing” by using serious games and activities that will help you to deliver fast better software and higher business value.

Training courses on show

Management 3.0 (FR)

December, Thur. 02 & Fri. 03

Technoport Esch Belval

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Learn about the Agile values and principles, main frameworks and practices. Get an overview of the philosophy of Agile, where it comes from and what are the benefits you can expect from it.

Agile frameworks

Now that you know what Agile is, learn and practice the two main Agile frameworks- Scrum and Kanban. Discover the principles each framework can provide you and practice the tools using serious games.

Learn your
Agile role

To successfully perform your agile transformation, it is highly recommended to have trained Scrum Masters and Product Owners who know their role in an agile team, understand their responsibilities and master their toolbox.

Deep dive into
Agile practices

To really be agile you need to apply agile practices. Software Craftsmanship and BA & Testing, are two trainings that will help your delivery teams truly master their practices and become ready to learn the ones of tomorrow.

Evolve in
your management

An Agile organisation requires leaders more than managers ! it's time to evolve and innovate your management system. Transform your management skills into leadership that will engage your team members and make your organisation move forward.