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Deep dive into Agile practices

BA & Testing

This training helps non-dev agile team members to acquire tools and methods allowing an agile team to build innovative and robust products and MVPs. It also explains how Business Analysts and Testers can find their place in an agile team.

Why a business analysis & testing training?

After following the Agile Primer training, that gives an overview of the Agile philosophy, where it comes from and why it works if it is done well, we will focus more on the BA & Testing competencies.

Those competencies are the one which have the most significant changes regarding more classical methods. This is a difficult job that is often forgotten in the training strategy.

This 3-day training will provide future team members with knowledge of their future work, begin to practice building innovative and robust products, and learn to use the tools that will help them achieve this goal. And for actual agile team members, they will sharpen their knowledge, and will improve their toolbox.


Learning objectives

  • Participants can explain how and why their role as BA/tester evolves within an Agile framework
  • Participants can explain how to create a MVP (plan for learning), how to establish a release plan (plan for release), how to define content a Sprint (plan for building) and validate its content (Agile testing techniques)
  • Participants explained/described how they were going to put in place a management of the just enough and just-in-time» specifications using the Specs by example approach
  • Participants can set up the «3 amigos» process within their Scrum team
  • The participants practiced the realization of executable specifications using Gherkin

How does it work?

The proposed service includes preparation and facilitation for one workshop provided by 2 agile coaches.


  • How do you fit in an agile team?
  • Interactions in the agile team
  • Discover user/customer needs
  • From the idea to the MVP
  • Release planning
  • Agile Testing

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