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Evolve in your management

Management 3.0

From Managers to Leaders. Get the best from your management skills to be the main asset of your team performance. Learn and practice a new form of leadership, infused with agility. Management 3.0 and Solution-Focus coaching will make you better equipped to stimulate a new corporate culture and to engage your employees.

Why a Management 3.0 training?

At the end of this training, the participants will have already germinated in them a new form of contemporary leadership, infused with agility. Thanks to Management 3.0, Solution-Focus coaching and Host-Leadership, they will be better equipped to stimulate a new corporate culture. This leadership is built on a set of competencies that we believe characterize an «agile manager», including:

  • Embody the values of agility (defined in the famous «agile manifesto»)
  • Stimulate the commitment of individuals (including oneself) via their intrinsic motivation levers
  • Clarify and install an implementation framework for a team (primary condition to consider raising autonomy)
  • Develop the autonomy of individuals and teams (Delegate decisions rather than delegate actions)
  • Developing people’s skills (including oneself) and team competencies
  • Cultivate new fruitful, fluid, flexible, solution-oriented interactions at all levels: intra-team, inter-teams and organizational

For who?

For organisation leaders, operational or transversal team leaders/managers. For HR / HR Business Partners. For coaches, consultants or internal facilitators. For Marketing & Digital teams.

How does it work?

This training is a 100% transformative step, maximizing practice and experience sharing. It stimulates a strong connection between participants and helps to «raise awareness» of learning. An «Accomplishment Book» will make it easier for participants to transfer their new knowledge into their daily work context.

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  • The art of engaging your employees, by the intrinsic motivation
  • Stimulate the self-organization of the teams, to the within a clear framework and explicit delegation agreements
  • Continually cultivating skills to grow your team
  • Install new interactions to develop agility on the scale of organizations etc...
  • Encourage rapid learning to establish a culture of continuous improvement
  • Clarify the destination you want rather than spend your time on what you don't want
  • "Ruminating" what is already working, rather than looping on what is not working
  • Allow yourself to take just small steps, rather than freeze in front of too big abstract steps
  • Be results-oriented, rather than action-oriented

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