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Learn your Agile role

Scrum Master

This training is for current and future Scrum Masters. It will help you to understand the role, the interactions within the Scrum team and the facilitation skills required for Scrum events to be truly effective.

Why a Scrum Master training?

The Scrum master training will focus more on the Scrum Master role. Introduced by the Scrum framework, this role is often misunderstood when transitioning from traditional approaches to Scrum.

This is why we have created, and improved with time, a training session mixing theory and practice. While participating in serious games, trainees will have an opportunity to wear the Scrum Master hat and become familiar with facilitation techniques. Actual Scrum Master might discover new aspects of their role, and will improve their toolbox.


Learning objectives

  • Understand the Scrum Master role and interactions within the Scrum Team
  • Diagnosis of a Scrum Team maturity and Scrum Master anti-patterns
  • Facilitate Scrum events to be value-oriented
  • Interaction with the Product Owner and the organisation
  • How to construct and facilitate a Retrospective
  • Practical tools and references

How does it work?

This training is built as a mix of theory and practice, in a very interactive and pragmatic manner. Attendees will experiment “learning by doing”, thanks to many activities and serious games. The training itself is run as an Agile project, to reinforce the learning experience.


  • The Scrum Artefacts
  • Deep dive into the Scrum Master role and responsibilities
  • Deep dive into retrospective

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