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This Workshop is for:

  • Business & Customer relationship Managers
  • Marketers
  • Intra & Entrepreneurs
  • Business developers
  • UX / UI Designers

#1 / UX Workshop:

The Design Sprint Note-n-map

Empathize with your client, identify opportunities and propose an attractive innovation.

During this workshop, you will learn how to:

- Map the different phases of a user journey.
- Prioritize the steps in order to find the optimal solution.
- Align your employees on the same customer-oriented innovation goal.

#2 / Lego® Serious Play®

Activate your collective intelligence.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a tool that helps you build a shared vision, define a strategy, clarify roles and responsibilities, improve your process, improve communication within a team ... and other incredible things! During this workshop, our certified facilitators will help you discover the advantages of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method (active listening, focus, co-creation, 3D thinking) and help you to answer a specific challenge related to your context.


This workshop is for:

  • Executive Committee
  • Transversal teams and groups
  • Human resources

This workshop is for:

  • Business experts
  • Transversal teams "Value Stream"
  • Business Architects

#3 /Event Storming

Analyze a complex process before launching a digital transformation project.

The Event Storming technique allows you to quickly explore a complex domain or business process using a common language: Domain Events. With this method, you create clarity on a complex system in order to have a common understanding of it. Then you can align multiple actors on this system. It will then be easier to emerge opportunities for improvement made possible through digital.

#4 / Craftsmanship

Improve the quality of your development team's deliverables.

Thanks to our "craft self-assessment model" we help your developers to assess their own maturity to make them aware of the team's quality and productivity. The results of this workshop are immediately usable to initiate a gradual and rapid improvement in the team's quality and productivity.


This workshop is for:

  • Software development teams
Product Owner

This workshop is for:

  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Manager
  • Executive Committee

#5 /Product Ownership

Learn life-saving skills for... your Backlog!

Help, my Backlog is hurting! No one understands anything anymore, it's spreading everywhere! The backlog seems to be in good shape but the production team doesn't use it or complains about it regularly? Users haven't seen anything useful in months? Even the PO doesn't dare to validate anything anymore?

There are brilliant methods and syntaxes to take care of your backlog. Are your stories "INVEST"? Do you know any split-patterns? Do you take technical constraints into account or are you, on the other hand, too technical? Is your backlog alive? With priority shift, elements that emerge and others that disappear... ?

Since every backlog counts, you too can learn to save your backlog.

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