Improve the cohesion between your teams by using "On the Grill" | Agile Partner
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Improve the cohesion between your teams by using "On the Grill"

By Adrien Muller, an Agile Coach et a Software Craftsman at Agile Partner. 


Agile Partner is a service company, one of our challenges is to foster interactions between different consultants, who are sometimes on mission for several months, to create a common culture and work as a single team rather than isolated individuals.

Our observation

We meet regularly at internal events: "lunch and learn", game nights, or just for a drink; but it's often too short and never the right time to talk about our respective missions.

The consequence of all this is that we sometimes have trouble identifying:

  • Who needs help
  • Who can help us
  • What are the "lessons learned" of a mission that could benefit others


At our customers we found similar problems but with different causes:

  • Large open spaces where people do not know each other
  • Operational silos between teams, even co-located
  • A lot of misunderstanding

    The format "On the Grill", what is it?

    The metaphor is simple, to use on the grill with a team means to learn and to know better all of the different "ingredients" that are the topics.


    Agility is above all individuals and interactions, it is from this simple idea that we imagined this workshop format.

    For the implementation, we need a place, a moment and a team, the format is easy to set up and reproduce:

    • We generally choose the principle of the Brown Bag Lunch: meet on the time of the lunch break, each participant brings his meal.
    • Regarding the team that will be "cooked", we ask them to come without preparation, the goal is to encourage spontaneous exchanges and do not impose an additional workload (especially no PowerPoint presentation).

    And concretely?

    On the day of the event, the objective of the facilitator is to leave room for interactions between the participants while ensuring that the different themes are addressed; in this sense there are no "spectators" everyone is active.

    In order not to influence the answers and to retrieve more information, the facilitator raises when necessary with open questions.

    In take-away participants can leave with an audio recording, and if there is a secretary, a mindmap or canvas as below.

    At Agile Partner and our customers, "On the Grill" reinforces the facilitator's toolbox alongside:

    • Personal Map of Management 3.0 which allows to better know a colleague.
    • Empathy Map of XPLANE / Gamestorming to better know a user or a customer.


    Have You tested "On the Grill" and you want to share your feedback? Would you like to test it with us?

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