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Agile Coach


  • CDI
  • Bertrange, Luxembourg
  • Senior

About us

Agility has been an integral part of our DNA since the beginning of our adventure. We deeply believe that each team member is more than just hands, that is why working with us is first of all:

  • To integrate an agile team where the keywords are: Self-organization, collective well-being, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.
  • To grow by having a community of practices which allows you to share knowledge about technologies, good and bad experiences and to help one another in our various missions.
  • To join a mentoring program which allows you to accelerate your personal and professional development.
  • To participate in the company’s lifestyle through different events such as:
    • Corporate retrospectives where everyone can contribute to the building
    • Games/ drinks evenings so that you can relax and get to know each other in a new way
    • Brown bags where we share our knowledge and beliefs 
  • Help us to always innovate and always improve.

Our practices

Peer coaching, mentoring, retrospectives and continuous improvement are the foundation of how our multi-skilled facilitator team works. To make room for our own continuous improvement, as well as the sense of belonging to a common project, we have put in place an environment in which:

  • You will participate in regular sessions where we share ideas and discuss the practices and technologies in our “AP midi Tech”
  • You will attend conferences and community events as a participant and even as a contributor
  • You will share your practices, you success and your missed attempts with your colleagues in the “Jedi council” on a beer and a game of darts or billards.
  • You will play an active role in continuously improving the functionality of the team and the company, supporting your colleagues and bringing your personal touch to our shared vision
  • You will enter a mentoring program that allows each member to improve professionally and personally
  • You will participate in our regular synchronisation meetings that allow the team to organise their interventions as efficiently as possible

The frameworks and tools we use

In order to better support our customers, our multi-skilled team always try to strengthen, and even expand, the spectrum of their skills. We strive to stay updated with the latest Frameworks and Workshops to share and expand our toolbox. We expect you to participate in this team effort. Today we mostly use:

  • Scrum / Kanban
  • Software Craftsmanship, TDD, Clean Code
  • Agile@Scale ( SAFe, LeSS, DaD, Experience Spotify…)
  • Active listening, postures, powerful questions
  • Graphic facilitation, Gamification, ice breakers
  • Management 3.0, holacratie, entreprise libérée, servant leadership
  • Spec By Example, User story Mapping, Persona, Impact Mapping
  • Lean, Kaizen
  • Design Thinking, Sprint 

Your role and responsibilities

You would want people to deliver more value by producing fewer things. You are convinced that people and their interactions are more important than processes and tools, even if they are agile.
You are humble about your knowledge and are always looking for ways to improve. You like to lead the change and are able to handle the questions and the conflicts that this one can cause:

  • Collaborate with team members to find and provide the best solutions for our clients
  • Accompany clients in their journey towards more agility

About you

You are aware that there is another way to build software. You have a passion for what you do and you pass it on by your actions rather than your personal statements on your resume.
For you, it’s more than just a job.

You have a passion for what you do and you want to share it with a stimulating environment. For you, teamwork is essential because it allows you to continually improve and learn. That is why you want to work with people who are as motivated and passionate as you. You have a deep knowledge of one or more programming languages, as well as a good general knowledge of the development world. You believe that Agile software development involves much more than simply writing code.
Agility does not have many secrets for you and / or you have already participated in transformation projects.
You are full of energy? Come release it in our company!

What you will get

Missions and projects which support your evolution on the technical and personal level. You will participate in trainings and conferences. We give a high value to the well-being of each employee. We make sure everyone work in a setting where they feel confident and supported by their team.

Salary packaging : The package is negotiable depending on the experience and the education (Salary over 12 months, car, fuel card, restaurant voucher, incentive).

If you feel in harmony with this description, if you are enthusiastic and you feel refreshed, take up this new challenge and apply here.


  • CDI
  • Bertrange, Luxembourg
  • Senior