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Agile Product Owner


  • CDI
  • Bertrange
  • Junior/Senior

For people passionate by building user or customer focused, and highly valuable products, with experience in Agile methodologies.
Who wish work in a company where agility is part of the DNA, and whose customers are aligned with this mindset 
Our Product Owner role 
Is a great opportunity to use and share your talents 
That will give you the best environment and tailor-made responsibilities, trainings and coaching. 
Instead of other roles as Business Analyst, Release or Project Manager which won’t let you be(come) agile and whose scope are limited OR other companies where “agile” is nothing but a buzzword 
This offer will allow you to grow in the same time than the market in this fast-changing world, in a #GPTW where you will be able to evolve following your motivations.

As a person :

  • I can express myself on my needs of having the aim of what I do and having extra-professional points of interest, In order to benefit of an excellent Pro/Private balance. 
  • I can use all the aspect of my personality, In order to show myself as I really am, with my strengths and my defaults.

As a Product Owner : 

  • I understand and I have even maybe used some of the following words : Personas, Customer Journey, Story Mapping, Workshop, Vision, Retrospective, Backlog, Mockups, BDD, Design Sprint… In order to be more efficient in my daily work. 
  • I know how to work in Kanban, Scrum mode or in any agile way to proceed, In order to actively participate to carry up agile values in the team I collaborate with. 
  • I can feel confident in communicating with nearly anybody, without feeling ashamed of an approximative accent,In order to be confident in my position highly composed with these discussions topics with all the people around me. 
  • I can fastly see with a systemic approach any product or organisation,In order to be the right person as to support a vision as to be operationally efficient everyday. 
  • I own a technical background or some business lines knowledge,In order to reinforce the “chameleon” aspect of my adaptation faculties. 
  • I can easily understand that this list is no limited and I have all the keys in hand to make it evolve,In order to feel in perfect harmony with this position offer. 

As Agile Partner :

  • I can have an overconfidence in my employees,In order to have an optimal collaboration, serving at a time the entreprise’s interests, and their complete blossoming. 
  • I can make sure of my employees’ training and/or they are well coached,In order to guarantee a daily efficiency and a career plan in line with their yearnings. 
  • I can propose an adaptative salary pack (car, fuel card, salary over 12 months, meal vouchers…),In order to be consistent with the competencies, the experience of every candidate, and the market. 
  • I serve customers who know and share our values,In order that consultant’s position is recognized as an expertise and a strength rather than a designation to non-gratifying tasks. 
  • I recognize failures as learnings,In order that everyone can learn from them without feeling a negative pressure. 

If you accept to integrate this values propositions to your career’s next Sprint, contact us directly, or through the Agile Partner’s collaborator from which you feel the closest. 

Let’s do a Review and a Retrospective of your professionnal life ! 


  • CDI
  • Bertrange
  • Junior/Senior
  • French speaking