Apply to be a UX/UI Designer | Agile Partner

UX/UI Designer


  • CDI
  • Bertrange, Luxembourg
  • Junior/ Senior

About us

Agility has been an integral part of our DNA since the beginning of our adventure. We deeply believe that each team member is more than just hands, that is why working with us is first of all:

  • To integrate an agile team where the keywords are: Self-organization, collective well-being, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.
  • To grow by having a community of practices which allows you to share knowledge about technologies, good and bad experiences and to help one another in our various missions.
  • To join a mentoring program which allows you to accelerate your personal and professional development.
  • To participate in the company’s lifestyle through different events such as:
    • Corporate retrospectives where everyone can contribute to the building
    • Games/ drinks evenings so that you can relax and get to know each other in a new way
    • Brown bags where we share our knowledge and beliefs 
  • Help us to always innovate and always improve.

Our practices

  • We support our customers in the creation of their digital products by placing the user at the center.
  • We believe that an intuitive, beautiful, human-centered user experience is the key to the success of any product.
  • We are at the convergence of technical know-how, usability and aesthetics because these components are the DNA of design.
  • We participate in the promotion of UX Designer’s role in the different project teams and at our customers.
  • We share our practices and problems and collaborate to find solutions

The frameworks and tools we use

Workshops animation

  • Design sprint 
  • Lean UX 
  • Design thinking 
  • Agile UX 

Prototyping of digital solutions

  • Sketch, Craft, Prototype, InVision 
  • Principle 
  • Adobe XD 

Wireframe design and graphic models

  • Sketch 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Illustrator 

Front-end development

  • HTML 
  • CSS (SASS, Atomic, BEM, SMACSS) 
  • Javascript 


  • Bootstrap 
  • Foundation 
  • Handlebars 
  • Angular 
  • React 


  • Codekit 
  • Sublime Text, Atom 
  • Github, SourceTree 

Your role and responsibilities

As a specialist in ergonomics and user experience:

  • You will participate in the different stages of the design of a digital product by guaranteeing its usability and its relevance to users.
  • You will animate co-creation workshops with our clients (Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean UX).
  • You will transfer different ideas and hypotheses into functional prototypes in order to test them with future users.
  • You will design models, style guides and design system (Atomic Design, Mobile First).
  • You will integrate your graphic designs into modular and adaptable code.

About you

You are known for your ability to invest in ambitious projects.
You have skills for written and oral communication in order to develop and argue your reflections.
You constantly push your limits to create innovative products keeping the user at the center of your thinking.
You like working in a team and also know how to show a great autonomy in your missions. Rigorous and precise, you have a sense of aesthetics and detail essential to the respect of a graphic charter.
You want to invest in ambitious business projects, where your dynamism, your qualities of synthesis and autonomy will be a guarantee of success.
You are passionate and curious, you are in constant technological watch over your technical areas.

What you will get

Missions and projects which support your evolution on the technical and personal level. You will participate in trainings and conferences. We give a high value to the well-being of each employee. We make sure everyone work in a setting where they feel confident and supported by their team.

Salary packaging : The package is negotiable depending on the experience and the education (Salary over 12 months, car, fuel card, restaurant voucher, incentive).

If you feel in harmony with this description, if you are enthusiastic and you feel refreshed, take up this new challenge and apply here.


  • CDI
  • Bertrange, Luxembourg
  • Junior/ Senior