One Time Partner

We help you remove your impediments

Team or product manager, project or program leader, you want to unblock situations that hinder your team performance? We help you immediately and remotely to find (again) the path to high performance in your daily activities.


All our experience available
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Based on our experience in this context of crisis and thanks to our agile skills, we have created One Time Partner.

A service to help you in a concrete, ad-hoc and immediate way to unblock situations that prevent you from obtaining or maintaining the performance you want to achieve in your daily activities.

Simple and immediate appointment booking

  • - 1 hour of coaching (remotely)
  • - 1 result-oriented session with an experienced agile coach
  • - 1 follow-up on request

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Your team is struggling to deliver expected results
Your team loses motivation
Your team submits more problems than solutions
Within your team some members are isolated
Within your team the functioning is chaotic
Within your team the level of cohesion decreases
Decisions are slow in coming
Decisions are made blindly « blindly »
Decisions must go through top management
Products deliveries are late
For your products the priorities often change
For your products the objectives remain unclear



Team performance

Team cohesion

Decision making

Product management

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