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We help you address your technical concerns

CTO, architect, team lead, or tech lead, you want to address some technical concerns that your team(s) is/are facing and want some advice? We help you immediatly and remotely to find the path technical excellence in your daily activities.

One Time Partner - Tech

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Based on our experience in this context of crisis and with our agile and technical skills, we have created One Time Partner.

A service to help you in a concrete, ad-hoc and immediate way to unblock situations that prevent you from obtaining or maintaining the performance you want to achieve in your daily activities.

Simple and immediate appointment booking

  • - 1 hour of technical coaching (remotely)
  • - 1 result-oriented session with an experienced technical expert
  • - 1 follow-up on request

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Coding practices, OOP, SOLID, Clean Code, ...
Unit testing, Integration testing, TDD, BDD, ...
Development flow, GIT, branching, pull requests, ...
Cloud (AWS, Azure), Microservices, Serverless
Containers and orchestration
Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
Automation / Infrastructure as Code
Monitoring / Observability
Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)
Secure coding (OWASP, static analysis, ...)
Compliance / GDPR



Technical practices




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