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Our mission is to craft better software for creating higher business value.

We develop your software

What we do

Our software craftsmen use agile methods and the latest technologies to build with you the specific software solutions that will boost your business.

Whether you need additional skills and capacity, you have a hard deadline, or you are stuck in “analysis paralysis”, we can help you deliver the right features at the right time.

How we do it

Our in-house Software Factory offers a complete environment to build and deliver software, the agile way. You need to be regularly available to explain the “why” and define with us the “what” to build. We take care of the “how”. We can also onboard some of your own developers to prepare a smooth hand-over.

Our software craftsmen can be embedded in your own team. They will not only increase your software delivery capabilities, but they will also share their agile experience and broad skills in software engineering and quality.

We develop your agility

What we do

We share our knowledge and support you on the field to develop individual skills, increase teams’ performance and help you become a more agile organisation.

We support your digital transformation to boost your business, while creating a motivating environment to retain your best talents.

Check out our trainings

How we do it

Training: we train people on the Agile values, principles and concrete practices. We cover a wide range of topics from software craftsmanship to management. Our trainers are practitioners who can share their experience.

Coaching: we coach and support individual teams as well as whole organisations to become more agile. Our coaches have both the technical and soft skills to move people and businesses forward to achieve their goals.

Consulting: we provide you with the people you need until you are fully autonomous, including Facilitators, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Software craftsmen, UX experts, and Project Managers. Our consultants are experienced and pragmatic.

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