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Team Portrait Agile Partner

Guillaume and Louis developers portrait

Louis and Guillaume: almost the same age, a not-so-different career, similar personalities both working within the Software Factory of Agile Partner. We are here to learn more about them.

What was your journey before arriving at Agile Partner and with what luggage did you come?

Guillaume: My background is in computer science, I am an autodidact. Since I was young, I have fun using computers. I worked in a computer support company, in the help desk. My former managers quickly trusted me and allowed me to work on several services because they felt that I could help on different aspects.

After this experience, I enrolled in 2013 at école 42 in Paris to really learn computer development. I was part of the very first promotion of this revolutionary school whose pedagogy is based on peer-to-peer learning. These four years of study have allowed me to grow and enrich myself, both personally and professionally: I am more flexible and more open minded than before. All this allows me today to be comfortable and effective in my daily life within the Software Factory at Agile Partner.

Louis: After some school failures and a rather atypical course, I also turned to a job search. Having no computer background, I offered my commercial services as a freelance for a young Luxembourgish structure. It was a fantastic and very informative experience.

Afterwards, my curiosity and my desire to learn led me to take computer classes the evenings after work. This allowed me to make a first professional experience in the IT environment as a "Help Desk" for a company offering Anti Money Laundering (AML) solutions. These experiences were very enriching, especially concerning the client relationship, the systematic questioning of the profession and the gain of confidence in my abilities.

What are you doing today at Agile Partner?

Guillaume: We are a part of the Software Factory. It is one of the three major business areas at Agile Partner, alongside the Consulting and Coaching.

Louis : Agile Partner supports its customers by setting up a dedicated and multi-competent project team thanks to a variety of profiles (UX / UI designers, architects, frontend / backend devs, DevOps experts, facilitators). It implements a disciplined project approach (Scrum, Kanban, ...), practices allowing to ensure a high level of quality (craftsmanship, pair-programming, TDD, ...) and tools allowing to deliver quickly and regularly in various environments (CI / CD, cloud, hybrid).

In summary, the analysis, architecture and development of the project is entirely done in direct relation with the customer.

Have you ever worked in the same team within this Software Factory? What are the qualities that must be shown for this to be successful?

Guillaume: Recently, we worked together with Louis and another colleague, Alès, on the design of a management and transactional monitoring solution.

Louis: The idea of ​​this solution was to allow our client a better approach and a better treatment of their data.

For this project or for any other, we try to show listening, empathy and a lot of humor.

Guillaume: And in my opinion it is also important to be open-minded, good in communication and versatile. All this without neglecting to know how to be critical in a constructive way!

What was stimulating for you in this project?

Louis: Mainly the challenge of working for a big institution. I was also very intrigued by seeing how it works, how the teams organize themselves to carry out this project.

What was surprising for you in this project?

Guillaume: For my part, it was their ease of adaptation to the Scrum agile framework. Despite some uncertainty, it was a very pleasant surprise.

Louis: The freedom and confidence they gave us also surprised me a lot.

What was limiting you in this project?

Guillaume: The deadlines! The deadlines were very short but finally we managed to finalize what was needed in time, thanks to our Agility and their adaptation to our way of doing things. It was a great collaboration!

Do you want to join Louis and Guillaime and be part of the Agile Partner Team? Are you passionated, customer oriented and still want to grow in a fulfilling environment?

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