Our Software Factory helps you to develop your projects | Agile Partner

The Software Factory:
your laboratory for project development and IT solutions.

Your project is on stand-by because you don't have enough human resources or lack certain technical skills?

Would you like to be surrounded by a team of experts to reach your objectives faster and concretize your innovative ideas? The Software Factory is the solution for you.

Agile Partner has set up an environment and a complete support program for companies (Startups, SMEs or big enterprises) wishing to be assisted in the development of customized IT solutions: the Software Factory.


Our aim is to offer you personalized coaching and to enable you to design, within the framework of an agile infrastructure and the support of our experts, the software you need.

The principle is simple. First, you explain your project and your expectations: the "why". Then, we will define together the different modalities of the product to be developed: the "what". Finally, the experts at Agile Partner will take care of the "how", while allowing you to intervene from the design to the validation of your solution.

The experts of the Software Factory are trained in agile working methods. For us, communication is the central pillar of the success of any collaboration.

You always keep an eye on your project (Product Ownership) and we put the know-how of our Software Craftsmen at the service of your ideas.

It is also possible to integrate all or part of your technical team in the production process to ensure a transfer of skills by practice (learning by doing).


The Software Factory offers you a reliable structure on a human scale with many advantages:


A multidisciplinary team mastering all the skills necessary to carry out your project


Complete transparency and quality control at all stages of your project


Fast results thanks to the application of agile methodologies


Expert advices on key aspects: technology and software engineering, project management, UX design and product management.

Bring your most innovative ideas to life and train your teams in agile working methods with the Software Factory. We invite you to book a non-binding consultation with one of our experts to discuss your future projects together!