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Very 1st company with POSITIVE WORKPLACE label in Luxembourg

03 May 2021


Maeva Pitou

label positive workplace 2 étoiles

April 2021: Agile Partner becomes the first Luxembourg company to be awarded for its CSR maturity by the European label Positive Workplace©.  Agile Partner has chosen to engage in this new approach to labelling because it directly involves the company's stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and partenaires).


After a first CSR label issued by INDR in 2016, Agile Partner strives to integrate CSR more into its development strategy and to prove its responsibility through concrete actions over the years. The company's 2021 objectives are defined in a conscious manner about societal, economic and environmental issues, to which its customers and employees are rightly attentive.

To accompany this progress process for years, Agile Partner takes care to select recognized organizations with solid evaluation methods.

At the beginning of 2021, it chose to start a new labeling programme with Positive Workplace© so that it could give a voice to its stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and partenaires). Listening to them, Agile Partner is seduced by this innovative approach that includes a 360-degree audit.

Also, the ISO 26000 (International CSR Standard) and un Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guarantee high quality evaluation and thus relevance of the outcome.

After 3 months of investigation and evaluation, Agile Partner achieved a score of 64,46/100 and reached level 2 (out of 3) of CSR maturity. This result is a source of pride and ambition for the Luxembourg SME, aware that is a moral imperative and the key factor for individual AND collective success.

Improve. Always. Together !

The media of reference in terms of CSR in Luxembourg has given us its support!

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